October 20
customer value

The Lifetime Value of a Customer

Customers come and go. This is just one of the ups and downs of owning a business. You are aware that you may not always keep the same customers for years. However, as a small business, you will usually have a strong base of loyal customers who continue to visit your business for years. These people…


October 16
Play To Your Strengths

Play To Your Strengths

Isn’t it great when you can get paid for doing something you love?  I’ve heard people say they love their work so much, they would do it for nothing.  But let’s be realistic.  You may love to ski, but unless you’re amazingly talented – and daring – no one’s going to pay you to do it.  When you open…


September 18

The 3 Phases of a Business

Why should a customer choose your brand when they have practically unlimited choices at his disposal?  They need to know what’s so great about you, but you probably won’t have that answer right from Day 1 of launching your business.  Decide how you can best tweak your business so that it becomes superior.  The operative…


August 18

How To Give Your Customers Exactly What They Want

  One of the questions that I often get when I do my free Monthly Q&A calls or when I am laser coaching at a conference, is ‘How do I stand out from my competition?’ or ‘How do I distinguish myself from similar service providers in my niche’? I think this is such a great…


August 14
mission and vision of business

Your Small Business’ Vision and Mission Statement

Most likely, you have heard of many larger companies that employ both vision and mission statements. You have even seen these statements as framed prints, posted proudly on a company wall. However, as a small business owner, have you made the decision to create and follow the statements for your company? If not, you have most…


August 4
Quickly Drum Up Sales For Your Company

Quickly Drum Up Sales For Your Company

There are two different kinds of marketing plans.There is the plan that will help you get long-term business. This type of plan usually involves a slow and steady advertisement that will keep customers interested. The second kind of marketing plan is specifically made to get quick business. The quick plan usually involves a massive marketing…


July 24
what it takes to be a manager

What it Takes to Be a Manager

Part of being a business owner is hiring quality managers and being a good manager yourself. However, many people do not truly understand the qualities of a good manager. In order to hire the best, you have to know what is the best. You also need to know what to look for. Do you know…


July 4
time money self development - melissa hughes

How To Find The Time and Money for Self-Development

Often when I am doing my coaching calls with clients, or when I meet people at events, I get this question ‘Melissa, how do you make the time to learn new things when you have such a busy life?’ So today, I want to talk about how you too can make time for learning, no…


June 17
Melissa-hughes (29) copy

Changing the Way You Think is the Key to Changing Your Business

Sometimes, you have to make a decision on what is best for your business. Sometimes, these decisions can be difficult and even frightening. Often, as the needs of customers change, you also have to find ways to alter your business to keep up. While there are plenty of classic products and services that customers will always…


April 22
Melissa Hughes (1) copy

There is nothing wrong with abundance

When you’re living your purpose, you are providing a service to the universe. Your ability to make a difference in the world is unlimited,so your ability to attract good things into your life is unlimited.Expect good things. They will come. Make room for the abundance that living your purpose will provide by letting go of the things…