July 24
what it takes to be a manager

What it Takes to Be a Manager

Part of being a business owner is hiring quality managers and being a good manager yourself. However, many people do not truly understand the qualities of a good manager. In order to hire the best, you have to know what is the best. You also need to know what to look for. Do you know…


July 4
time money self development - melissa hughes

How To Find The Time and Money for Self-Development

Often when I am doing my coaching calls with clients, or when I meet people at events, I get this question ‘Melissa, how do you make the time to learn new things when you have such a busy life?’ So today, I want to talk about how you too can make time for learning, no…


June 17
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Changing the Way You Think is the Key to Changing Your Business

Sometimes, you have to make a decision on what is best for your business. Sometimes, these decisions can be difficult and even frightening. Often, as the needs of customers change, you also have to find ways to alter your business to keep up. While there are plenty of classic products and services that customers will always…


April 22
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There is nothing wrong with abundance

When you’re living your purpose, you are providing a service to the universe. Your ability to make a difference in the world is unlimited,so your ability to attract good things into your life is unlimited.Expect good things. They will come. Make room for the abundance that living your purpose will provide by letting go of the things…


April 8
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Only You Can Be The Best At Being You

Everyone brings their own unique offerings to any situation. People may share your hair color or your skin color. They may have the same qualifications that you have or do a similar job, but the difference is that everyone has their own unique soul purpose. Only you can fulfill your soul purpose. You have been put…


April 1
Melissa Hughes (3) copy

Giving Back

WHEN YOU’RE LIVING YOUR SOUL purpose, a flow of energy is created, and giving back is an important part of maintaining that flow. You might give back by donating money or volunteering your time to causes you feel passionate about, but by giving back, you keep that energy flowing. Giving back is a way of…


March 31
Melissa Hughes (4) copy

Our Common Denominator

EVERYBODY HAS A SOUL; IT’S a common denominator. As long as you’re living and breathing, you have a soul. When you live your purpose, you begin to connect with people on that soul level, and there’s no limitation. When you’re able to communicate your purpose, you’re able to connect with the people you are destined to…


March 25
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When you’re living your soul purpose, you can impact people you don’t even see or know. The only limitation on your impact is your vision. If you’re a musician, it may be your vision to play at concerts in your local area, or it may be your vision to secure a recording deal with an…


March 18
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When you’re living your purpose and articulating it, there are no limits to your reach.

Your vision may change, but your soul purpose remains the same. Living your soul purpose allows you to reach out and touch the souls of others by being of service. Everyone has a soul, so when you’re being of service, the only limit on the number of souls you can impact is in your own…


March 11
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Identify your tribe

When you understand your soul purpose and are willing to step into your abundance, it becomes business-like in that there are things you have to understand in order to make the biggest impact and the biggest ripple while you’re here. This might mean writing and publishing articles about it or talking about it and presenting…